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General Roofing

Let’s be serious. Without a strong and well-constructed roof, the chances of your property being as comfortable, as energy-efficient, and as safe from the elements as possible are slim to none. At Lapje Roofing in San Francisco, CA, we have been putting on roofs for customers for many years, and we take great pride in our craft. The variables involved in roofing work – the style of the home, the geometry of your existing roof, ventilation issues, proximity to wires, trees, and other buildings – are not minor considerations. Why trust your valuable home or business to anybody but the most highly skilled team? That is precisely what Lapje Roofing will bring to your project: an experienced team that will produce top-quality results in a cost-effective manner. Communication with our clients is key, and we will explain each step of the process from roofing material options to tear-off procedures to installation to final disposal so you will fully understand each phase of the job before it even begins.



Re-roofing may be an option, and if it is, Lapje Roofing will have your project done at considerable savings. We will explain the necessary conditions that make a re-roof preferable over a complete teardown and new roof. Part of our duty and mission is to inform our clients clearly about all of their choices. This philosophy closely connects with re-roofing jobs. Some companies will do a re-roof if they are convinced a client won’t pay for a brand new roof, however, re-roofing when conditions aren’t right for it can be dangerous and ultimately do more damage than good. Conversely, some companies may put on a new roof when a re-roof would save the client money on materials and labor costs. Lapje Roofing will do the right job for you at the right cost – or we won’t do it at all. The condition of the existing roof, the materials you want to use for the job, the size and slope of the structure all factor into the equation of whether a new roof or re-roof is in order. Let us share our expertise in helping you make this determination.

Clay Roof Tiles

Clay Roofing

Clay tile roofs have been synonymous with old-world style, classic architecture and European appeal for centuries. Many shapes, sizes, and colors are available to completely customize your roof. Clay roofing pairs well with stone or brick siding, and is a popular choice for many of today’s most in-demand architectural styles. Clay tiles won’t rot and are resistant to fire and insect damage. With over 23 years of experience, Lapje Roofing is your premier roofer in the Greater San Francisco Area. Call for a free quote at 415-509-2566!

Slate Roofing

Slate shingles will last for generations and are great in wet and freezing climates. They can last anywhere from 80 to 100-plus years. Of course, this type of resilience is expensive and repairs are as well. Its low-water absorption allows slate to do remarkably well in freezing temperatures. Let our experts at Lapje Roofing help you decide. We will explain the options that will best fit your structural needs, your budget parameters, and your personal tastes.

Metal Roofing System

Metal Roofing

A metal roof is a perfect choice for customers who are ‘all in’ regarding the protection of their home or business. The strength and durability of a metal roof bring a longevity factor that can’t be matched for the price. And with Mother Nature seeming to flex her muscles with more frequency and ferocity these days, the resiliency of a metal roof is an increasingly attractive choice. Originally used for agricultural and industrial applications almost exclusively, that’s no longer the case. Technology has improved so that modern metal roofs no longer are victims of the discoloring that the older ones experienced, and they come in sleek designs that bring a distinctive stylistic touch for those who like to stand out a bit. On top of that, metal roofs bring an excellent energy-efficiency rating. Let Lapje Roofing install your custom metal roof and forget any roofing problems for the rest of your life!

Replacement Gutters and Downspouts


Gutters and downspouts are the types of things that only get noticed when they don’t function as they should. They need to blend in with the overall appearance of your property, and most importantly they need to protect it from the water and moisture that is a constant threat to any building. Lapje Roofing in San Francisco, CA knows that you don’t want to have to think about your drainage system – and so we do the thinking ahead of time so you won’t have to. We’ll advise you on what type of gutters will be the most cost-efficient for your structure. K-Section gutters bring more capacity to the task, but they are more expensive than Half-Round gutters. Six-inch width gutters have almost twice the capacity of their five-inch counterparts, but the extra capacity can cause issues, especially with winter ice. And like so many other building components, gutters come in a host of materials with varying costs. Aluminum is still the most widely used, but vinyl, steel, copper, and zinc are all options. Seamless gutters are used in about 70% of jobs, and we will explain the pros and cons of the design. Positioning downspouts correctly is another crucial factor. As you can see, there are many considerations in choosing the right components for your exterior drainage system.

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